12 Thoughts You Have During Your First Kickboxing Class

12 Thoughts You Have During Your First Kickboxing Class

Expectation: Ronda. Reality: Betty Spaghetti. Kickboxing might be all about being ~*fierce*~ but you can bet that's not how you'll feel during your first class.

By Lauren Mazzo

1. Secretly, you're only at the class because you want to wear those badass gloves.

Yet once you put them on your hands, you feel like an uncoordinated buffoon.

2. And everyone else has these things wrapped around their hands. Do you even need those?

Answer: Yes, if you want to be able to type on your computer tomorrow, you definitely do.

3. You might feel fit going into it, but then the warm-up is crazy hard and you're basically dying.

What the hell did I get myself into?

4. You finally get to start punching the bag (which, lets be honest, is the only reason you agreed to try this).

And that first punch feels SO.GOOD.

5. You're feeling tough AF, even if you aren't making the biggest dents on the bag.


6. Then you start learning different punches and combinations and feel like your brain has no control over your limbs.

No one told me this was going to work my brain as much as my body!


7. You get to start kicking—YAS—and it feels super awkward.

And you now have a whole new appreciation for Charlie's Angels.

8. That 3-minute burnout of nonstop punching at the end feel like an eternity. And your arms are about to fall off.

These stupid gloves have got to weigh like 20 pounds, right? That's the only explanation.

9. Also, how am i supposed to drink water? How do I pick my wedgie? Or scratch my back?

So awkward.

10. You look around and the least-expected girl is going to town on the bag.


Who knew that girl could kick so much ass? #Goalz.

11. You finally start to get a hang of that last hard combination when the buzzer goes off and—what? You're done?

Perks of a workout keeping your brain busy too: the time goes by crazy quick.

12. By the time you pull off your sweaty gloves and high-five the kickass girl next to you, you're hooked.

Watch out, Ronda. I'm coming for you.


lauren mazzo

Lauren Mazzo is a digital editorial assistant for FITNESS and SHAPE. She's an Ithaca College alumna, a Rochester, NY, native and an NYC transplant. 




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