4 Ways Women Benefit From Lifting Weights

Will I get bulky like a man if I lift weights?  That is the question I get asked the most from women who never did any strength training before.  The answer is no!  The female body is not designed that way.  For a man to get that muscle magazine cover body takes many years.  If you want muscle tone, maximum fat burning and to improve functional performance strength training is key.  Feel free to email me with any questions: ctamez@boxfitfight.com  Check out this cool article brought to you by Class Pass that explains why every woman should strength train.  




4 Ways Women Benefit From Lifting Weights

By Maddie Watkins on March 10, 2016


First things first, all exercise builds strength. Regardless if you’re running or taking a bootcamp, indoor cycling or yoga class, the very act of working up a sweat and pushing your body will make you physically and mentally stronger. One study suggested that while 12.7 million women choose to work out in some way, only one third of those women actually used free weights. 

What’s up with that? While some women may be afraid to ‘bulk up’ like professional bodybuilders, using weights in classes and at the gym have several benefits to your overall health and well being. Here are some pretty convincing reasons to give them a chance: 

You’ll burn more fat.

Weight training, more so than any other form of exercise, will build lean and defined muscles that will give you the look of being toned and firm. Not only will your jeans fit better, research proves that your body will turn into a fat-torching furnace that will work harder and more effectively throughout the day to burn calories and keep your waistline trim.

You’ll have more self-confidence.

Strong women are empowered women, and being able to bench press not only breaks the decades-old stigma that men lift weights and women do cardio, it also gives you a sense of power and strength that you can’t find elsewhere. Knowing that you are strong enough to lift 100 pounds will give you a burst of confidence that will make you unstoppable in your daily life. Want the confidence to stand up for yourself at work? See how you feel after you have kept up with the big boys in the gym. No one will mess with you then.

You’ll catch on to other types of exercise easier. 

Today, more than ever, there are so many different fitness studios and classes to try. Fitness is fun, and accomplishing new skills is even more fun. Having the basic strength and body awareness from lifting weights will take you further in every other form of fitness you try. Yogis, how would you like to be able to get lower in chair pose, stronger in Warrior 2, and have the strength to flow through your vinyasas like a pro? Going back to the basics and building that strength in the weight room will make your practice even stronger on the mat. How about all the runners and spinners out there? Want to go faster? Sprint harder? Climb a higher hill? Regular routines of deadlifts and squats will build the strength to take you even further on that journey.

Your bones will stay younger and healthier. 

We don’t like to think about the future when we have to worry about our bone density, loss of muscle mass due to age, menopause, blood pressure—but these are issues we all will face. We can do a lot now to set ourselves up to age like rock stars. No matter how old you are, the steps you take now will only help you stay younger and healthier. It has been proven that lifting heavy weights can reverse osteoporosis and improve bone density in women over 50. If you are younger, start building those strong bones now.


-Maddie Watkins co-owns 202strong,a boutique fitness studio in DC and North Bethesda. At 202strong, she founded the program Girlstrong, to empower women to lift weights and feel strong without the intimidation.